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Ramadan Food Distribution 2021

Ongoing Orphan Support and Winter Packs Distribution 2021

Orphan Support, Qurbani Project and Ramadan Food Distribution 2109 & 2020

Orphan Support, Qurbani Project and Food Distribution 2017 & 2018

Orphan Support 2016

Orphan Support for 500 Orphans and Medical Camps 2015

Philippines Haiyan Disaster Project 2014

Rasta Project Chatter Bagh-2, Azad Kashmir 2013

Sindh Water Pumps Project 2012

DI Khan Housing Project Completion 2011 - 2012

Cheques Distribution Baagh, Azad Kashmir, July 2011

D.G. Khan Housing Project - April 2011

Dr. Surraiya Zia Hospital Chattar - Jan 2011

Pakistan Flood Relief Appeal - Charsada (Village: China Kaley Charsadda), Sept 2010

Haiti Clothes Distribution Worth US$70,000, August 2010

Bangladesh Cyclone Project, Nov 2008

Burma Housing Project May 2008

Indonesian Earthquake Project, 2007

Pakistan Earthquake Project, 2006

Food Aid Project

4 Peace of Mind Water Sanitation July 2006

4 Peace of Mind Support Orphan Projects - July 2006

4 Peace of Mind National Workshop - April 2006


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Registered Charity Number:1112720