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Key Documents

Nepal Earthquake - Letter of Gratitude August 2015

Houses for Displaced Families of Gaza War 2014

Sindh Water Pumps Project 2012

Health Department Quetta, Flood Victims Aggregated Information Sheet, August 2007

Tropical Cyclone 03B (YEMYIN), August 2007

Assessments of Losses and Damages due to Cyclone, Rains and Floods in Balochistan June, 2007

Earthquake Poem by Stephanie D Costa -  June 2006

House Building Updates in Detail - Jan 2006 (pdf-610kb)

Indonesian Earthquake Financial Support, Sept 2006

Achievements of Peace of Mind since Asia Earthquake of October 2005

4 Peace of Mind Mission (Housing Reconstruction Project) - August 2006

4 Peace of Mind Mission: April 2006

South Asia Earthquake 8th Oct 2005


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China Earthquake

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Registered Charity Number:1112720