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NEWSFLASH: 4 Peace of Mind "Winter Appeal" Dec 2020 [pictures | videos]

4 Peace of Mind is very pleased and proud to announce that during the fundraising in November/December 2020,we surpassed our ambitious target of £20,000.00 by £1716.00 (raising a total of £21716.00) (approximately 4.5 million Pak Rupees) for the 2020/2021 Winter Appeal. We are extremely grateful to all the donors and well-wishers for their support, encouragement and contributions.

On behalf of 4 Peace of Mind, Dr Surraiya has been leading and coordinating operations with our local partners in Kashmir to ensure that the winter packs consisting of a woollen blanket, a hat, and a pair of gloves and socks, reach those in most need. We have already distributed 950 packs, initially 800 packs and later 150 packs in the region of district Bagh (Ganga Choti, Panjal, Sudhan Gali, Panchi Ban and Haveli). For your peace of mind, please review the pictures and videos of the recipients of your generosity and humanitarian support. At short notice, when the plight of another small community was highlighted, we, at the recommendation of the local team, also distributed 50 packs to the inmates of Bagh jail. These people were also in dire need of warm blankets, as they were also suffering from extreme cold and needed humanitarian support to make their winter tolerable. We hope these would be accepted as humanitarian actions too.

If you wish to contribute, comment or make suggestions please click the donation tab or contact us on this website www.4peacemind.org

Thank you.

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