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National Workshop

In April 2006, 4 Peace of Mind organised a national workshop at the Sangam Hotel, Muzaffarabad. The focus of the workshop was health needs of the affected communities.

 The workshop was developed in collaboration with the International Human Rights Observer (Pakistan) and attended by national and international NGOs. 

Mr Riaz Ahmed Khan (UN, National Programme Manager) addressed the delegates and facilitated sessions. We were also honoured by two ministers who made themselves available for a Q & A session at the end. 

The key recommendations from the workshop were as follows: 

  1. Set up health expertise in each Union Council

  2. There is a need to establish basic health infrastructure in each Union Council

  3. There is a need to mobilise the local population to sustain delivery of health

  4. Training of healthcare professionals is required

  5. There is a need to provide basic psychological relief and support


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