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Ramadan Food Distribution 2021 - List of Donors

Sajda &Tahira       1100

Zahra Syed.          200

Dr Qureshi             1500

Mrs Talat Qureshi 600

Arshed Pfizer        1000

Dr Amjad              250

Dr Shahida Akhtar Rs 20000

Dr Asma Tarik         Rs 20000

Dr Munaza Chua   Rs 18000

Dr Immad Qureshi.  25

Dr Uzma Ali           Rs. 40000

Mr Ashraf Bajwa   Rs 50000

Abby Shah                 100

Dr Hashmat Ashraf        300

Mr Azmat Ashraf            Rs 50000

Dr Shahid Noor              100

Salman Qureshi            350

Qureshi AIS                    240

Amin sheikh              Rs 50000

Dr Aziz Qureshi         500

Jamila Khan                50

Irfan Qureshi              50

Rahila Noreen Jahangir 150

Majid Qureshi                  75

Dr Asif Mahmood   300

Dr Iqbal Malik           1000

Grand total in rupees: Rs 1,550,250 or One Million, Five Hundreds Fifty Thousand And Two Hundreds Fifty rupees


Rs 3300000/- self contribution by Dr. Surraiya Zia, Dr. Saboor, Dr. Zara and Dr. Ali Raza

4POM Cheques
4000 +1000+2000+1500 total 8500 + Rs 1785000
From personal friends who made direct contributions.



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