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4 Peace of Mind Ramadan Food Parcel Appeal 2021

As we move closer to the holy month of Ramadan, many of you will be thinking about your zakat and sadaqah donations.

Please support the 4 Peace of Mind Ramadan Food Parcel Appeal to help the blind, orphans, widows, disabled and refugees with food for suhoor and iftar.

Each food parcel costing only £30.00 will include basic food for one month - wheat flour, mixed lentils, rice, white chana, sugar, haldi, oil, gram flour, red chillies, dates and tea.

Let us work together and share the blessings of Ramadan by supporting 1000 families. These parcels would be distributed in the Bagh District region of Azad Kashmir.

Please donate TODAY to ensure your zakat and sadaqah reaches the needy in time before the beginning of this auspicious month (12 April 2021).

Click here to donate NOW!

Wishing you a blessed and spiritually uplifting month of Ramadan. 


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