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As a result of first hand experience and understanding gained from the 4 Peace of Mind mission carried out in April 2006, the 4 Peace of Mind Trustees supported a proposal to help orphans in the earthquake zone.

4 Peace of Mind have collaborated with three local NGOs - Women Welfare Organisation of Poonch (W.W.O.P.); Noor Foundation and Al Bari Foundation. Each organisation received three hundred thousand Pakistani Rupees (approx 3000 GBP) from 4 Peace of Mind in July 2006.

 The funds have been made available to support orphan programmes managed by these local partners. Updates on how the 4 Peace of Mind contributions are helping orphans in the earthquake zone will be posted on the website in the coming months.

Support Orphan Programme Photos

Noor Foundation July 2006

Al Bari Foundation Aug 2006

WWOP July 2006

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