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Our mission is to manage the start to end process of raising and delivering humanitarian aid that will help rebuild and sustain the communities worst hit by natural disasters.

When a natural disaster occurs, the media immediately provides graphic coverage of the horror and devastation faced by the affected communities. Having donated money or aid, you continue to see pictures of the immense tragedy affecting innocent people and their families. While these disasters quickly leave the front pages of the newspapers, the relief work goes on for many months and years and the task of rebuilding lives can take many years if not decades. Many agencies work tirelessly in the affected areas but their efforts are often overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the tragedy.

Registered with UK Charity Commission in 2006, 4 Peace of Mind is a not-for-profit organisation.  We try to respond rapidly to any disaster providing emergency shelters, clean water, sanitation systems, medical help and clothing. 4 Peace of Mind works in close collaboration with the local groups in the disaster areas to provide financial, physical, technical and moral support.

Recent projects include:
Nepal Earthquake Project 2015 - 8500, 60 shelters built so far
Phillipines Typhoon Haiyan Appeal 2013 - 15500 raised towards repairing 60 houses
Rasta Project Chatter Bagh-2, Azad Kashmir 2013
Sindh Water Pumps Project 2012

Dr Surraiya Zia Hospital Project 2011


Mr. Ray Kelvin: 5000
Dr. Shakeel Qurehi: 3000
Dr. Syed Saboor: 3000
Dr. Wasim Ashraf: 3000
Dr. Shahid Noor: 1500
Mr. Ish Jalal: 1000
Ms Naheema Qureshi: 1000
Dr. Tanveer Hussain: 1000

Progress so far

60 shelters in Nepal
60 houses in Philippine
23 houses built in DI Khan, Pakistan

22 houses built in Azad Kashmir

8 houses completed in Indonesia
10 Houses completed in Bangladesh
7 houses completed in Burma
9000 people provided with clean water
400 orphan children supported
5 medical missions completed
1 health centre set up in Pakistan

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Registered Charity Number:1112720