About Us - 4 Peace of Mind

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Who We Are and What We Do

We are a non-profit, non-political, voluntary organisation dedicated to mobilising and delivering aid to the communities most severely impacted by natural disasters. Our volunteers consist primarily of healthcare professionals, including doctors, surgeons, pharmaceutical experts, and entrepreneurs with a passion in philanthropy. Beyond raising funds, we emphasise the importance of deploying volunteer teams to ensure that your contributions directly affect the lives of those grappling with devastation.

Why Donate to 4 Peace of Mind?

When you contribute to 4 Peace of Mind, rest assured that:
  • • Your support reaches individuals at a crucial juncture as they begin reconstructing their lives.
  • • Your donation goes directly to the heart of the crisis and those in dire need, without burdensome administrative charges.
  • • You receive regular updates on survivors whose homes and lives have been shattered.
  • • You connect with like-minded volunteers who share a passion for humanity.


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A world united in both adversity and prosperity.


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Our mission is to oversee the entire process of raising and delivering humanitarian aid, aimed at rebuilding, and sustaining communities struck hardest by natural disasters.